Notice of SRC Elections
Left: The noticeboards on Eastern Avenue after the Lennon Wall was dismantled. Right: The Lennon Wall.

Hong Kong Protests

‘Lennon Wall’ dismantled at the University of Sydney

The removal of the Lennon Wall echoes actions taken by pro-Beijing students at UQ

An abstract background of red, black, grey and blue, with triangles, lines and crescents. The main text says "Queerness and Daphne du Maurier."

Honi Soit Writing Competition 2019

Queerness and Daphne du Maurier

First place (non-fiction) winner in the Honi Soit Writing Competition 2019

An artistic graphic depicting Nigel Farage three times; in the second two images he is depicted in stylised red dots


For Farage and Latham, what establishment is there left to rail against?

The kind of populism that won big in 2016 is outdated, but do conservatives really care?

Once Upon a Time in Bollywood


Once Upon a Time in Bollywood

While international audiences may believe that 'the Indian film industry' is simply synonymous with 'Bollywood', this was not always the case.

A blue watercolour of a girl with speech bubbles questioning her abilities.


Who raised you?

Checklists, societal pressures, and one's own dreams