EDITORIAL: Australia does not exist.

Today is not a day for reconciliation, but for reckoning.


USyd to Ukraine, Redfern to Rwanda, JFR to Jalalabad

What makes two documentary artists leave Sydney for the frontlines of war time and time again, and how do they make art out of destruction?


Inside Villawood detention, where guards smuggle drugs and use detainees for sex

“It’s worse than prison – this place is designed to break you.”


Eugenics and White Australia: the dark history of Anderson Stuart and Harvey Sutton

Contrary to popular imagination, Professors Anderson Stuart and Harvey Sutton were avid contributors to Australia’s dark history of white supremacy and Medicine’s sordid eugenicist past.


Five years on and sexual assault still has a home on campus. What now?

In the wake of the most recent NSSS, and with the issue of student safety once again on the agenda, how do we avoid the same mistakes? What do we change when nothing changes?